Monday, October 16, 2017

"It's Me Alex"

Hey everybody, I hope everyone is doing great! It has been a pretty good week. We are slowly, but surely getting the ward to help us out more and more and we are taking it one step at a time! We are working with some pretty solid investigators right now, and it is really exciting! This is helping the ward trust us more because we keep bringing a ton of people to church, like less actives and investigators, and the ward members are very surprised ;). So, this week I wanted to share two thoughts with you that have helped me look at the gospel in a different perspective!

In the last apartment I was living in, there was a kid who would come and knock on the door next to us to go play with his friend, and he knocked at the exact same time EVERY day! He would always say, "It’s me Alex"! I never met Alex, but he sounded like a good kid.

So, one day we were getting ready to start personal study and then we heard Alex knocking and he made me start to think about how diligent he was every single day. I thought about our Savior and then the painting of him in a red robe knocking on the door. Like Alex, our Savior is knocking every single day, and we have to be willing to answer and open the door! Alex was very dedicated and persistent like our Savior, and that is how we should be! We always need to be ready to open the door!!!

The second event was this last week, we knocked on the door of a very drunk guy... he was pretty funny. He answered the door, he is in his mid 20's, he threw his hands up in the air and yelled "JESUS LOVES ME", I couldn't help but start laughing! This guy was so happy to see "Jesus People" (that is what they call us) and he knew that Jesus loves him!

We talked to him for a few minutes and shared a scripture then he said, “why did you stop”? Then he grabbed the Book of Mormon and read two pages out loud. We really didn't stop him because ya know, there is no harm in reading the Book of Mormon! Even though he was very drunk I learned a lot from this guy!

1. We need to know that Jesus Loves us
2. We need to keep reading the Book of Mormon, he couldn't put it down! He said, "it’s just so good"!

I hope you liked some of the life lessons I learned from a little kid and a drunk guy this week, but honestly it has really made a differencet on how I look at day to day life! Life is so great and we need to live it to the fullest!!

I hope you have an awesome week and know that JESUS LOVES YOU!!!!

-Hermana Hadley 

Jesus Loves You!

We decorated our door :)
(McKay did not have a good connection at the Library and we did not get all of her pictures)

Mom Note: The Missionaries were able to have dinner with the Dalumpines family this week. Brother Dalumpines is the Ward Mission Leader and are wonderful to the missionaries in the area. They moved from the Philippines in 1990 and have been feeding the missionary ever since. These are the pictures we received from the Dalumpines.

Very grateful for the meal!

Hermana Hadley and Sister Aleman

Sister Aleman, Hermana Hadley, and Sister Dalumpines

Our neighborhood will now have 3 missionaries in the California San Fernando Mission! This is Jessica Garfield and we have been close friends for over 10 years. This summer we were able to attend Trek with Jessica and her parents who were the Assistant Trail Bosses. Jessica spoke on Sunday and she enters the Provo MTC on Wednesday. Hermana Hadley and Sister Garfield are very excited to see each other in just a few weeks! 

Jessica and Parker are Scoliosis Buddies! They both have had Spinal Fusion Surgery, have the same Othopedic Surgeon and Parker even stayed in the same room as Jessica 2 years earlier at Primary Children's Hospital. They also, along with McKay, were in "Savior of the World" together the weekend before his surgery in June 2015. Jessica and her family have been a huge support to the Hadley's and we love how our paths continue to cross. 

We had to include this picture! Parker recovering from surgery in 2015 and 
Jessica and her family snuck Cafe Rio into Primary Children's for Parker! 
He was in heaven! <3

Monday, October 9, 2017

"Baptize 'em ALL"

Hello everyone, so this was a very baptism focused week! It was crazy, crazy, crazy! The happiest thing that happened this week was that RAUL GOT BAPTIZED!!! I am so lucky that I could help out with the baptism! It has been fun to still be in the same District with the Elders that are in YSA, they give me updates all the time on everything! It was awesome to go and see Raul and his Family with all the YSA!

Hermana Starke and I reunited and did a beautiful musical number of “How Great Thou Art” that I had arranged. It was so beautiful and it was wonderful to have Hermana Starke sing and I played the piano. I have missed her a lot this last week or so!

After the baptism, President Henrie went up and congratulated Raul and I was standing next to him. Raul said, "Well it was all thanks to her and the Spirit," and then he pointed at me! I have been so blessed to teach so many amazing people in the course of my mission!!! 

Saturday, Sister Aleman had a baptism in the morning for one of her past investigators, then we ran over to Raul’s baptism, and THEN we went to another baptism that one of our investigators was attending! It was crazy, crazy, crazy! Three Baptisms in one day!

Also, this week we have set 7 people on date for baptism! We came into this area with no investigators, absolutely nothing going on. Sister missionaries have not been in this area before, so we hit the ground running! Our mission has been very surprised because this area was so empty, but we are not letting that happen at all! We have found a lot of investigators that are both English and Spanish! Sister Aleman said that she has never been in an area in her mission with that many people on date, at the same time, and that it is not normal in English work. I told her that we are going to treat this area like a Spanish area haha:).

We also had Zone Conference this last week and exchanges so we have been running around! I got my flu shot, so that was a party.... I think they thought I was going to pass out or something because they had this lady come hold my hand.... I took it like a champ though ;).

English work has been very, very different. I have had to try to adjust and keep pushing forward! The ward is very different from Spanish YSA.... there are a lot of seasoned people in this ward haha. I am excited to keep lighting this area on fire and learning how to be an English missionary! They take a little bit more to warm up.

In Spanish wards, you get fed almost every day. At church this week we passed around our monthly dinner calendar and one person signed up.... and then we went around and asked members if they wouldn’t mind signing up and they said…no. I am going to have to start making a lot of cookies and taking them to the ward members to soften them up ;). I am ready for the challenge ;) !!!

I hope you guys all have an awesome week and enjoy Columbus Day!!!! Love you bunches!

-Hermana Hadley

Raul's Baptism!

Raul and his Family :) <3

Awesome packages I received from my family and ward members 
that the Spanish YSA brought back for me from Conference Weekend in Utah! 

Elder Zazueta the pizza man! 
My District Leaders now want to take up Pizza Delivery via Bike

These pictures are from the CASF Mission Facebook Page

Zone Conference!

Role playing, a big part of Zone Conference

Hermana McDonald from the Puerto Rico Mission, Sister Aleman and Hermana Hadley

Hermanas getting Flu Shots at Zone Conference

The mission titled this picture "Hold my hand....please!"