Monday, December 11, 2017

"Latino Choirs"

Hey everyone! I hope everything is going great back at home! I don't have too much to update you on this week but it was still an awesome week! We helped with 2 baptisms for some Elders and we visited sooooooo many people this week! No one was home because everyone ran away. Why did they run away? Because my mission caught on fire again this week! This is the 5th fire since I have been here and this one has been the worst. The wind has been terrible, the ash in the air has been bad and everyone can’t breathe. So that is why everyone ran away and quite a few people got evacuated including our missionaries! 

In other news, we went to serve at Operation Gratitude this week and it was so fun!!!! There were so many missionaries there and so many people! That day we put together the 2 Millionth Care Package to send to the troops! They had a whole ceremony and recognized the Church and CASF Missionaries for our service. We also put together packages for the first responders and fire fighters that have been coming to California to help with the fires. It was great to see so many of the missionaries and also help out and serve! 

The other exciting thing that happened this week was that we had our Stake Christmas Concert! This is when all of the Spanish Stake came together and each ward sang a Christmas Hymn. I had been helping my ward practice a little and it was very interesting as the lady directing the choir just told everyone to sing "en su propia voz" or in English sing in your own voice... so everyone was singing a different note. That is why it was interesting. It was also so great to see all of my friends from the Spanish YSA Branch because they also performed at the Concert and they sounded beautiful.

The last 10 minutes of our practice, we found out the missionaries also had to put together a musical number! We were running around trying to find a piano and we quickly put together a medley of “Oh Little Town of Bethlehem” and “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day”. It turned out pretty nice, I just ended up making stuff up on the piano and we sounded awesome!

I love being a missionary because you get to have so many amazing memorable experiences! Hope everyone has a great week!

Love ya,
-Hermana Hadley 

Our car is covered in ash all the time and so are we.  :(

This is a really nice older man that wanted to take us to dinner! He used to be an investigator, but he says he loves the missionaries so he likes to feed us haha. It was a very awesome dinner!

Hna. Dunn and I made a gingerbread house...the snowman and gingerbread man have name tags. HaHa!

Our little missionaries <3

Operation Gratitude

The 2 Millionth Care Package!!!

Given to our Church, Mission and the CASF Missionaries! They recognized us for our urgency, focus and hard work! We were happy and honored! :)

All the many many people at Operation Gratitude

CASF Missionaries Serving at Operation Gratitude

Guess who I found... Sister Garfield!!! She is from my Stake back home and we use to be in the same ward before boundary changes. So excited to finally she her!!! <3

All of my friends from the Spanish YSA Branch at the Stake Christmas Choir Concert!

Monday, December 4, 2017

"Go Tell it on the Mountain"

Hey everyone and Happy December!!!! I hear that its beginning to look a lot like Christmas there in Utah with the snow! That is so exciting!!! Hna. Dunn and I have started to cut out snowflakes to hang in our apartment. Today we went through the car wash, listened to Christmas music and pretended that the white bubbles were snow:). 

This week has been a lot of ups and downs... we have been really busy running around or we have felt like we had nothing to do, so we have just knocked doors forever! One of the crazy events that happened was that we kind of had a baptism... it was for an eight-year-old boy so it is not a convert, but we have been working really hard to reactivate this family. We helped with the baptism by doing the programs and many other things. The ward was supposed to help out with all of that but... Spanish wards are not very organized.

We got a call from our Ward Mission Leader about an hour and a half before the baptism and he was a little nervous because no one had started to fill up the font and there were no chairs in the room! AHHHH! We ran over to the church, started the font and set up chairs only to have 4 other missionaries walk in and say, "What are you doing here?" We then told them that our ward had a baptism at 4:30. We then were all freaking out because they had a baptism at 4, another at 5, and a Stake meeting we were helping with at 6.

We found out that our bishop had forgotten to tell the Stake we were going to use the font, but I was bound and determined to get this kid baptized so we did the baptism "Utah Style". We had people in different rooms to start with the hymns and the talks and then us missionaries were the traffic controlllers as we rotated the people through into the room where the baptism font was. Then we filed them out and lead the next group in! It was so, so, so, so, crazy!!! But he got baptized, and so did everyone else that day!

Mom Note: This last paragraph made my heart swell with joy that she reads my letters! This is part of my Stake calling to assist with Baptisms each month. Our Stake easily baptizes 20-25 children on a Saturday and I know that we are breaking the fire code for the Stake Center on those Saturdays. My Presidency feels like air traffic controllers and we are one step away from needing Fluorescent Vests for all of us. This is the exact process that we do and I have written to her in detail about this for months. Hooray for “Utah Style” and my kids do listen to me!!!

Today (Monday) we did things a little different, we did our Zone Activity in the morning. We all drove up to the edge of our mission where the mountains are and we had doughnuts and chocolate milk and then we went on a really fun hike! I was impressed that the whole Zone actually came! The only problem was that nobody brought cups for the chocolate milk! I have a ton of pictures of the hike that I will send today! We sang songs and hiked and just had a lot of fun!

Hope everyone is doing their #Lighttheworld challenges every day! Hna Dunn and I have been doing it and we have seen so many blessings!  The other day a lady drove by us and asked us if we knew of anyway we could help her because her husband just left her and she has 2 little boys and no money for anything! We got her information, talked with our ward, and we got a huge bag of food donated that we are going to take to her tonight!!!

I love Christmas!! Everyone is so much more open and friendly! Go and serve and share the Light!! Go tell it on the Mountain (which is what we literally did today haha)

Love ya,
Hermana Hadley 

Hermana Dunn, Hermana Hadley and Julio our little 8 year old boy!!! :)

Pizza after Julio's baptism

Listening to Hno. Escobar play the guitar at Nochoe de hogar or Family Home Evening.

Hno. Esobar let me use his guitar to practice and I sang for everyone. I started to teach myself to play just before I left, so I have not played the guitar in 16 months!

Noche de hogar con la famila Escobar :)

Our Zone Activity Hike

The Awesome View!!!

Hna. Dunn and I on the hike

Some Elders being crazy!

Donuts and Chocolate Milk for the hike with no cups! :)