Monday, September 18, 2017

"Hope and Faith, Thanks to Frozen Yogurt"

Hey everyone! I hope you had an awesome week! This week has been crazy again... it never isn't crazy! So, this week is possibly my last week in YSA :( because we have transfers coming up! It is amazing how fast the time flies by! We have so much work now in YSA and when you are busy the time goes even faster! 

I have some awesome news about our investigator, Christian! He is the cousin of one of our members. We had him come to a baptism this last week and he LOVED it!!! He has been wanting to get baptized so bad and has had so many positive experiences.

Christian’s Aunt and Uncle took him to the temple grounds last week. He said he had never felt that good in his life and he knew that is was all true. We were talking with President Henrie about how badly he wants to get baptized and we asked him what he thought about our situation. We knew that he needs to go to church 3 times before getting baptized and so we came to a conclusion. Why not just baptize him after he goes to church for his 3rd time... SOOOO CHRISTIAN IS GETTING BAPTIZED THIS SUNDAY!!!! We are so excited for him! It has been a great blessing to be able to witness Christian preparing for baptism!

This week we made a quick stop at Yogurtland. On our cup and spoon it had the word "HOPE" written everywhere. I started thinking about what hope means. Then I thought of a quote by President Monson. "Hope is putting Faith to work when doubting would be easier."  That has really hit home for me, we need to have hope in everything we do and we need to have hope in other people as well. :)

I hope that you all are doing great and having HOPE! Life here is great and love you all!

-Hermana Hadley 

San Fernando Mission Blvd!!!
Mom Note: Looks like the Police Car also wanted to be in the picture ;)

Picture #2 of San Fernando Mission Blvd <3

Pistachio Shake at Beeps!

We had to do a photo shoot for Hna Pfeil's Christmas Card. :)
This is what ended up happening, I was recruited for back lighting. 

Hermana Starke and I with some of the Spanish YSA girls <3

These pictures came from Hermana Vasquez <3 during Adventure Monday!
This time Hermana Hadley and Starke introduced the Vasquez family to a restaurant called "Salsa and Beer". The Branch President and his wife were glad the Hermanas did not take them to a bar! :)

Monday, September 11, 2017

"Lose Yourself and You Will Find Yourself"

Hello everyone, I hope all of you had an awesome week! This week we have been hearing a lot about the natural disasters that have been going on. We had an amazing opportunity, as a mission to go and help out with Operation Gratitude this week. We have helped them a lot in the past with sending packages to the troops in the military, but because of all the disasters, they have turned their whole warehouse into a place where we sort and package donations to send to Texas. They are also going to start to send donations to Florida soon. It was great to see all the missionaries go through so many items that have been donated, and know that we were able to help out where we could. 

Also, this week we had a lot of success in the work! My Mission President always tells us that our success as a missionary depends on our commitment to the work, and man have we been committed! This week Hna Starke and I were out the door at 10:00 am and we didn't get home until 9:30 pm. We had lessons back to back, we packed a lunch and did Language Study and Companion Study in the car! We came home with feet that were covered in dirt and service! :) Our daily average currently, for new investigators, is about 3 which is CRAZY, especially for YSA!!!

Yesterday was one of the most amazing days in my mission!!! When we woke up we received a text from a member in our Branch telling us that she had a new investigator for us and he was coming to Church and he wants to be baptized!!! WHAT THE WHAT??? This investigator is cousins with the member and we were really excited to meet him!

When we pulled up to the church we witnessed another miracle, one of our investigators who had been MIA was walking into church! We were so excited to see him. Then we walked into the church and there was Raul our investigator who shared his testimony last week. Next, we met Christian, the cousin of our member! Christian has a ton of tattoos and gages the size of a golf ball, he loved Church and wanted to have a lesson with us after Church!

After church, we also had a lesson with Raul, so Hna Starke and I went on splits. I went with a member and taught Raul, and she went with a member and taught Christian! Within a half an hour we had two amazing lessons where they both accepted a date for Baptism for the first week in October! They are two very special and important people who really are prepared for the Gospel! I love love love being a missionary!

Later that night, we were talking with our Mission President about a YSA Devotional Broadcast with Elder Bednar that our investigators went to last night. We were expressing to President Henrie about how lucky we were to be serving in YSA during this time. He asked us what we have been doing and we simply said, we have completely lost ourselves in the work! It is so true when you dedicate your life to God, everything falls into place! Go have an amazing week!

Hermana Hadley 

Hermana Starke and Hadley :)

We took Hyrum, our Ward Mission Leader, and his friends out to dinner for his birthday!

Yep, that is Chocolate Dipped Strawberries on a stick!

The Branch at the Birthday Party

We also shoved Hyrum's face in a cake :)

Hermanas serving at Operation Gratitude <3

More Operation Gratitude

We Love You Texas!

Mom Note: This is a picture of the fire in San Fernando Valley last week looking towards Hermana Hadley's area. It was the largest fire in LA history and we are so thankful that it is contained and the temperature in now below 122 Degrees :)!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

"Our Mission is on Fire, Sour Milk and a Sad Goodbye"

Hey everyone! This week has been crazy! We sadly had to say goodbye to Hna Jensen this Saturday and now we are back to two :(  We are sad to have her go, but we are so proud of her! She was an amazing missionary and a huge blessing in my life! Now she is home with her sweet family and has already started school at BYU!!!

This week we did a lot to help with a funeral that happened in one of the family wards this week. I was able to help by playing the piano. It was very special to teach other people about the Plan of Salvation during this hard time in their family.

A quick update on Jessy, the lady I talked about last week who is homeless, she is doing great and progressing well :). She is very special and we are so blessed to teach her about our Savior.

Our mission is quite literally on FIRE!!! It has been raining ash from the sky and we come home and brush it off of our clothes!!! It has been so hot and we have a big fire in our mission right by my area. This last week we were knocking doors and it was 122 degrees........ I WAS MELTING!!!!!!!! It was the hottest temperature I have ever been in!!! You know when you open the oven door after it has preheated and the heat hits you in the face…that is what it felt like for the full 2 hours of knocking doors! They say it is going to cool down a little and that would be a miracle! We are praying for 115 degrees next week!

So, this week we had an interesting little experience, one day we went to a place to grab a drink and the one that Hna Starke got was milk based. She is lactose intolerant so she only had a little and it made her stomach upset so she didn’t finish it. Well, she also left it in the car for like 2 the can only imagine what has happened to this milk in that amount of time. I took the drink to move it and then the cup holder punctured a hole in the side of the cup! IT SPRAYED EVERYWHERE! All over the carpet and in the backseat. Let’s just say we have been dry heaving and driving with the windows down, in the heat, for the last few days...lesson learned.

This Sunday was awesome! I love Fast Sundays, and I especially like it when our investigators come. It really is an amazing opportunity for them to hear the testimonies of so many members. We had one of our AWESOME investigators come to church. His name is Raul and he has been coming to church for the last few weeks. He is really cool and kinda famous in certain circles! He was top in the nation for 7 years in World of War Craft (very popular game on the internet). You would think he was a nerd, but he is not.

Anyways he was sitting next to me during sacrament meeting and turned to me and asked if you had to be fasting to share your testimony, I told him no, and he got up! The whole Branch Presidency looked at us with their mouths touching the floor! We were all shocked. He got up and announced that he was an investigator and he wanted to talk about how this church has blessed his life and how excited he is to be baptized someday. He talked about his faith in Jesus Christ and some of the experiences he has had! We all about died!!! 

I want to end by sharing part of an Ensign article from this month by Elder Jeffery R. Holland called, "The Gospel Path to Happiness". The quote that really hit home to me was "Happiness is like a butterfly; the more you chase it, the more it will elude you, but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder".

I know that sometimes we expect happiness in our lives and try to chase it, but as we look outward towards others, serve and love people, we suddenly find ourselves happier and happiness has come to us!

I love you all and I hope you guys have an amazing week!
-Hermana Hadley 

I took this picture two days ago! It really applies to my quote of the week!

I was not lying about the 122 Degree Temperature!

Exchanges with the STL's to go play the piano for the viewing

Our Last Knock Out Together <3

Dinner with some members from Valencia and Hna Jensen's recent convert

Walking up at 5:00 am to say Goodbye to Hermana Jensen <3

The sky due to the fire...seriously it looked like the underworld, the sky was all red!

The Hermanas with Raul! He is sooo cool!!!

Pictures from Hermana Vasquez of Hermana Jensen's last Adventure Monday!
They are such a blessing to these missionaries!!!

Adventure Monday with the Vasquez family on Labor Day!
Missing Hermana Jensen :(

They went to Hermana Vasquez Aunt's House and got to meet more family members including her nieces Jazlyn and Janelle. :)

The Hadley's had Adventure Monday too!

On Labor Day Hermana Hadley's family went on an Adventure to meet Hermana Jensen!!!

The two Missionary Moms with cute Hermana Jensen!  
So great to give her a hug and meet both of them in person!!!