Monday, July 24, 2017

"Stuck in LA ...Uh Oh"

Hey everyone!!!!!

This week went so fast and so slow at the same time. YSA has kept us very busy, we come home so tired every single day it is crazy! There is currently a huge teaching pool in YSA that we are working with. We had 6 people on date for baptism this week! That is such a crazy number especially for YSA!

This week we were able to go on exchanges with our STL's (Sister Training Leaders), I learned a lot ... that's pretty much all I am going to say.  One of my favorite quotes is "Everybody missionaries differently" so basically that was how our exchange went :).

This last weekend our whole YSA was on a campout and they even took a ton of our investigators, which is awesome, but that left us for 3 days with no members to take to lessons! We got really creative and went into finding mode. We were able to find a few new investigators and go visit some less actives which was very helpful because we have been needing to build up our Branch! 

I wanted to share an amazing experience that I had on Sunday with one of our investigators Roberto! We planned this huge trip to the LA Temple Visitors Center on Sunday where we were able to bring 12 members from our Branch and our investigator. It started with us just inviting a few and then all of a sudden everyone wanted to come so why not!

Roberto is going to be getting baptized soon and we thought it would be really helpful to take him to the Temple Visitors Center. He has been having a few doubts and has been nervous... which is expected. We drove up after church in 3 different cars and had an AMAZING tour! The LA missionaries did a really good job helping him feel the Spirit and involving all of his awesome friends to help him learn. 

After the tour, we were talking with our only girl member that came to drive us Hermanas, and everyone (including her) wanted to stay for this special Pioneer concert that they were doing at the Visitor Center! So... we were stuck at the LA Temple without a ride home. Now the LA Temple is not in our mission boundaries and we knew that we really shouldn't stay without permission from our President so our Branch decided to pray, haha they were really cute.  

After the prayer, we called President to tell him we were stuck in LA... that was a scary phone call. We called him and all he said was well... Hermanas you have been working hard... enjoy the music!!!!!! WHAT???? We were so so excited so we stayed and listened to a beautiful concert that was put on by a lot of the missionaries in the LA Mission.

It was one of the most beautiful experiences I have had on my mission! The music really helped me remember how grateful I am for my ancestors and all that they did so that I could have the Gospel in my life. It was a beautifully done program that I am very grateful I was able to attend! 

I hope you guys have an awesome week!!! On other news, I cut Hermana Starke’s hair this week... people are trusting me way too much with their hair all of a sudden, everyone wants me to cut their hair! I didn't go to school for that but it looks really cute:). I will send pictures of that for sure next week!!!  Thanks everyone and have an awesome Pioneer Day!!! 

Hermana Hadley 

All of us at the LA Temple Vistors Center! Roberto, our investgator, is the one in the black jacket! :) That was the first time we have seen him dress up!

Some of my best friends in the Branch, Fermin and Omar

Mom Note: Received this surprise picture through text Sunday Night from a lady from Logan, UT who just happened to be at the LA Temple. She said, "Ran into these two beautiful Hermana's at the LA Temple Visitor's Center. That is their investigator in the back. She is doing such a great job. You can be proud. :) 
I'm a missionary mom too, on vacation."

Last Week we played Quittege from Harry Potter... TEAM GRYFFINDOR!!!

Hna Starke and I found The Habit!!! Reminds me of Home :)

When you know your area is Mexican...

 Mom Note: Last Monday Night we received these pictures from the Branch President and his wife Hermana Vasquez. They feed the missionaries every Monday Night. Hermana Vasquez told us that they have done this for years and they love the Spirit they leave in our home. We are so grateful for good members watching over our missionaries! <3

On Monday July 17, 2017 The Vasquez's called it "Adventure Monday" and took the Hermanas to 99 Ranch Market, an Asian Market, to get Fried Fish for dinner. 

Chinese Restaurant looking at Cooking Ducks

Picking out their fish for Dinner

Hermana Hadley's Dinner!


Hermana Starke knows how to hold a Crab being from Oregon!

Hermana Hadley also knows the proper techinque 
because she has cooked many live Crabs before her mission!

Yep, that is what the sign says...


Beef Tongue???

Hermana Tongue???

No Thank You!

Edible Beef Blood, isn't all Beef Blood non edible?

And of course one last picture of more tongue, Duck Tongue at $14.99 a pound :)

Monday, July 17, 2017

"One Year Older and Wiser Too"

Hello everyone! Hope you all had an amazing week! I just wanted to say thank you for all of the awesome birthday wishes that I got through email, cards, and the posts on Facebook that my mom let me know about! This birthday was really different because it was strange to not be home for my birthday but I had a lot of people that made it very special here in San Fernando:) 

First, I will tell you of some things that happened on my birthday then I would love to share an awesome experience I had this week in the mission field! For my birthday, we spent a lot of time eating... haha.  We went and got Free Slurpee’s (because it was 7-11 day) with one of our awesome investigators Alondra. Then for lunch we went over to Juli Hernandez' house who is one of Hermana Starke’s converts and her daughter is in YSA! She put together a whole Disney Princess themed birthday party with Lasagna (one of my favorite foods) and cupcakes and balloons... and everything! It was so fun and I felt like I was 6 again!

Later we knocked doors for 2 hours and then we met up with Elder and Sister Dowell who are our Senior Missionaries and they took us to Pizza Riv for dinner:).  After dinner, the Elder’s surprised us and took us to go get Frozen yogurt. I was going to have to start rolling around everywhere from how much food I ate that day but it was so much fun and I am so thankful for everyone who made it such a great 20th Birthday!

This week we had an awesome Zone Conference with 2 other zones, it was a lot of fun and we had some amazing trainings. Hna Starke and I did a musical number of “I Need Thee Every Hour” that was beautiful! I played the piano and Hna Starke and another Elder sang. It was very beautiful and it really invited the Spirit! 

We had a lot of trainings on OYM which means Open Your Mouth. We have been putting that into practice and talking with everyone that we see. We have already seen so many miracles come from pushing out of our comfort zones and talking with everyone.

We have been teaching this awesome investigator named Roberto and he is so solid! He is so excited to be baptized on the 29th of July but it may have to be moved because there is a huge YSA conference happening with all of Southern California. Our whole Branch will be gone to this conference so he will probably be baptized on the 5th of August which is ok:).

We taught a lesson to Roberto this last Saturday with some of our members right before they had a party haha.... they are always having parties! But we had 3 return missionaries and a recent convert at that lesson and it was so great to have that support! I am so lucky to have this time to teach Roberto! He is so prepared and I am excited for this journey he is on right now! He has been coming to church and has been loving all of the classes.

Speaking of church. This week we started Sacrament Meeting with only 5 members. It was strange, so Hermana Starke and I have decided we need to go find out where our Branch disappeared too. We are going to be doing a lot of less active work because it is hard to bring your investigators to a Branch that doesn't really exist. But we got this!!! Have an awesome week everyone!!!

Hermana Hadley

This is a screen shot of a video Hermana Hadley's family received the night before her Birthday.  This was the best present we could have received.  Hermana Starke and Hermana Hadley have been sharing the gospel and their testimonies through song with investigators and when they have dinner appointments.  So thankful to witness them singing "I Know My Redeemer Lives" in Spanish through a text from a Branch President while they were having dinner in the San Fernando Valley Monday night. 
The video is posted on Facebook.

Special P-Day Picnic that Hermana Starke arranged for my B-Day with our District and Chick-fil-A! 

Birthday Morning! Thank you everyone for the LOVE! 
Mom Note: Forgot to ask how the Popcorn Balls tasted since they were 12 days old by the time McKay gets her mail in the mission.  :)

Hermana Starke made a Cheese Cake for me!!! <3

7-11 Day! 
Free Slurpee's with our investegator Alondra

Mom Note: These were surprise pictures we received on McKay's Birthday from Hermana Hernandez during a very special lunch!  Hermana Starke and Hermana Hadley's birthdays are only 6 days apart and they were true Princesses for the afternoon!!!

So greatful for sweet Hermana Hernandez who texted me and said don't worry I will be her second mom today!  We sure love this sweet lady who is a recent convert and showed such love to our cute missionaries!!!

Birthday Dinner with Elder and Sister Dowell! They are so kind and we just love them!
Also enjoying pizza around the table is Hermana Starke, Hermana Gomez 
and Hermana Dunn!

When our members Facetime our other members (who we were with at the time) while in the pool to say "Hi" to us and brag that they are swimming and how cool their underwater phones are. Haha.
No swimming or cool phones for these Hermanas!

Pictures from the CASF Facebook Page of their Zone Conference

The Great San Fernando Zone

Doing some Role Playing with Hermana's Hadley, Starke, Gomez and Dunn

The Missionaries always sing "Called to Serve" as a thank you to those 
who provided their lunch. <3

These next pictures are how the Hadley Family celebrated McKay's 20th Birthday! We also had a great day celebrating our cute missionary!

Waiting in line for the free Slurpee because we knew that was what McKay would do. 
Later, she let us know she did not have a line at her 7-11.  
Yes that is Logan waving from the back of the line!

Still smiling and almost there.

We have arrived finally!

It was worth the wait to know she was also enjoying her Birthday Slurpee! <3

Another favorite of McKay's Birthday is "World's Best Corndogs" 
truck stand in Kaysville.  Don't forget the Honey!

Our dear friends Shawnette and Emily Page decided we needed some cake on this special day and surprised us that night with these incredible homemade cupcakes with a Disney touch knowing how much McKay loves Disney!!! 

We all felt so loved just like our missionary on 7-11!