Wednesday, August 10, 2016

How did I end up in Mexico?

Random facts about the MTC in Mexico... or the CCM:
1. It is never quiet. There are the loudest birds that are always making noises, random parties we can hear from outside the fence, about 2 cannons go off every hour... yes I said cannons, it’s some religious thing, and of course the constant sounds of sirens, and the occasional gun shot (no mom I didn't say gun shot), but ya Mexico is a party. Don't worry I'm safe, they have a 16 foot tall wall surrounding us... it’s like Mormon jail! 

2. I am here to confirm that the food here is indeed the worst thing I have ever tasted. My favorite day was when they attempted hamburgers. It wasn't half that bad they basically put a spicy sausage on a hamburger bun and called it good. These people crack me up. My normal meal is rice, refried beans, fruit, and toast with Nutella. It's ok I think I’m finally getting used to the food so I'm trying new things. 

3. I say Hola Hermana's or Hola Elder’s probably 200 times a day. Every time you see someone that’s all you say, because I think that is all we actually know in Spanish. Just kidding I have learned how to say some things. My favorite language slip up was with an Elder in my district was saying the prayer and he said please bless Joseph Smith and he ended it by saying in the Book of Mormon amen…we couldn't stop laughing.... ya he is struggling with the language a little. 

Anyways this whole experience has been the craziest thing of my life! I have felt every single emotion every single day! Adjusting to missionary life has been so hard but I can already tell I am being blessed extremely!

So to start off I got to the CCM on Tuesday at 5 at night so I had been traveling all day long and my companion (at the time) had not arrived yet. She came late at night and she was the sweetest thing ever her name is Hermana Smith!

The next day in the morning we found out that one sister missionary didn't show up at all.... so I got put in a trio with Hermana Dunn (my traveling companion) and Hermana Starke from Portland Oregon!!!!! How cool is that!!

So some of you guys knew I had a pen pal of a sister going to my mission that I had been told about when I was on vacation in Oregon... Well.... THAT’S HER!!! She is so sweet, they both are!! The three of us (and Sister Smith) are all going to San Fernando!

We started teaching investigators our second day, the investigator is actually our teacher but we had to teach in Spanish... so ya, you have to be fluent by the time you arrive in the MTC.... Anyways the language and to have something going on every minute of the day is so hard to handle but I have been turning to my Heavenly Father so much!!

The hardest part during this week was when my companions and I were trying to teach a lesson to our investigator and it was not going well at all. The three of us just all started crying... yes crying in front of the investigator!

When he asked us what we were feeling (now in English because he is our teacher) the only thing I could say was sad. It was just hard to want to teach and have the spirit but couldn't because of the language.  We have gotten so much better at teaching but I think we had to hit rock bottom before it got better!

Our District leader was amazing and gave us three sisters blessings that night and it helped us so much.  It was his first time giving a blessing so it was one of his favorite moments this week. His name is Elder Crichton and he is serving his mission in Logan Utah.  How crazy is that!!! I also accidentally hit him in the face with a volleyball yesterday during gym time... I felt really bad. 

Sunday I think was my favorite day it was so amazing and I was able to share my testimony in Spanish! Then we listened to a talk by Elder Bednar to missionaries given in 2011 on Christmas. It was the best talk I have ever heard!! If you have time,  cause it’s a long one, go and listen to it.  It will change your life forever I promise you.

We then watched Meet the Mormons for our Sunday movie and I cried my eyes out when it was talking about the missionary mom at the very end.  I don't think it was nice of them to show that part to us. But it's ok I just know that while it's hard to be away from my family and friends I am doing such a great thing right now!

Yesterday a sister decided to go home and so I was like 90% sure I was going to be transferred and I was so sad, but Hermana Starke got transferred.  So I am with Hermana Dunn... who is amazing and I was able to stay with my amazing wonderful district who I love!! Also yesterday we had the awesome opportunity to watch a live Missionary broadcast by Neil L. Anderson where he talked about keeping our flame and also to find the people others aren't able to find. It was really good and so nice to hear something in English! 

There is so much to say and so little time, but just know this has been such a crazy adventure!! I am so glad I am here on a mission. I know that is where I am needed the most!! 

Sorry if I wasn't able to write everybody back I had such little time but know...

Te amo mucho familia y amigos! yo se el elvangilio es sierto!!! 

Hermana Hadley 

p.s. there are so many bugs here.... 

The Sister’s in my zone! 

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