Monday, November 20, 2017

"Surprise Baptisms"

Hey everyone! I hope you are all having a fun time getting ready for Thanksgiving! I love this time of year because everyone starts becoming nicer and nicer, haha! We have been sharing a lot of church videos this week about giving thanks to our Savior to get people in the mood for Thanksgiving! I had a lot happen this week so I am just going to list them:

1. We had Zone Conference this week! Hna Dunn and I were freaking out because we only have one more Zone Conference and then we go home, it was a little bitter sweet! We talked about church and helping our investigators understand the importance of the Sacrament! We also had the special opportunity of seeing this year’s Christmas initiative:). Everyone will really like it! It will be online this Friday:).

2. Hna Dunn and I managed to get all 4 tires on our car flat. We don't know how we did it but, we looked really funny trying to fill them all up, and calling our District Leader to ask him what number they needed to be at! They gave us a hard time for not knowing the number and we said we were sorry, but they didn't include that information in the "How to be a missionary booklet".

3. Road trip to Valencia because...... I HAD A SURPRISE BAPTISM!!!!!! This is actually a really cool story so be prepared. Once upon a time, a year ago, I helped reactivate and also baptize part of the Castillo Family up in Valencia. Brenda Castillo, was my first convert and was baptized on November 19, 2016. I got news that her nephew Paquito, who I also taught and reactivated was getting baptized! Paquito got baptized on November 18, 2017, almost exactly a year after his Aunt Brenda! I was so happy to be able to see all the people up there! It was so fun to do a road trip with 5 Hermanas, one was my past companion in Valencia, in the car to go up to this baptism! It was exciting!

4. Last little bit of news is that I found out yesterday, while watching the "Face to Face" with Elder Oaks and Elder Ballard, that one of my friends from high school got baptized 2 months ago! For anyone who was watching it, she was one of the host!!! It was great to see Eliza and also some more friends in the congregation because it was broadcast from Utah State University. I saw a ton of my college friends too! It was a wonderful “Face to Face” and I am so happy I was able to watch it!

Anyways, that is basically all that happened this week besides the fact that Hna Dunn and I have been sleeping on the couch and on an air mattress because our beds are terrible, haha. The mission is working on getting us some sort of pad so we can sleep! It has been fun though because we are having a campout every night in our living room! I hope everyone has an awesome Thanksgiving!

-Hermana Hadley 

Paquito's Baptism!!! Selfie with him and his little brother Mateo!
Brenda, my first convert a year ago is his Aunt!

Paquitos with his mother and little brother!

This is Josue, he was taught at the same time by Hermana Johnson and Talbert. They asked me to be in the picture because when I was in Valencia I played soccer with Josue a lot.

Road Trip to Valencia with the Hermanas!

We found a license plate that got us laughing pretty hard...Missionary Life :)

 These next pictures came from The CASF Mission Facebook Page of their Zone Conference

Mom Note: There are six zones in the CASF Mission. Zone Conference is a two day event in the mission. The first day is three of the zones and the next day the other half of the mission receives their training. 

San Fernando Zone

Doing what she loves <3!

All of these cute girls are Spanish Speaking Missionaries!

Would not be Zone Conference if they did not have Role Playing :)

Sister Henrie noting missionary definitions of what a "Lit" missionary looks like.

And this is their impressive conclusion!
(OYM Stands for Open Your Mouth)

Receiving instruction from President Henrie.

Monday, November 13, 2017

"We Managed to Lose our Car"

Hey everyone!!! 

This week has been crazy!!! We ran around all day on Monday trying to get me packed, ready for transfers and I also tried to say goodbye to everyone in the Van Nuys 1st Ward. I was able to stop by and see a few families. Monday night we had dinner with the Ikahihifo family! They made homemade Cafe Rio for dinner and it was SOOOO good! 

Halfway through our crazy night one of the main roads shut down because a church caught on fire! We were stuck on the street for 30 minutes as we watched 11 fire trucks drive by and 2 helicopters trying to fight this fire! It was a very exciting night! Nobody was hurt and they finally got the fire under control!

So, I am back in Reseda for the third time and my companion is Hermana Dunn!!! The first time I met Hermana Dunn was 16 months ago, very early in the morning, at the Salt Lake Airport on our way to Mexico City.  We were traveling companions and then we ended up being MTC Companions!  She is so awesome and I am excited to be back with her again!

The Ward in Reseda has been so surprised to see me again! It has been fun to go back and see everyone that I love so much! I have visited all of my "Resent Converts". My favorite was when I went over and surprised Rafael and Lorena!!! I didn't take pictures with them but I will this next week! They started screaming and hugging me! They couldn't believe that I am back in the area!

Rafael continued to tell me all of the 500 things that I had missed in the last few months.... he is so funny! When we went over to visit them we taught about the Word of Wisdom again and played a game of naming different foods and if they were good or bad. Rafael said I was cheating because I kept saying all of his favorite junk food because I knew they were his favorites, haha. I love that kid! 

Most of this week Hermana Dunn and I have been running around trying to find new investigators! It is crazy to be walking down the streets of Reseda and my old investigators stop me and say, "Hi". They are even surprised to see me back! It really has been a blessing because last night we were trying to figure out who to stop by and a part member family, who are not on our records, popped into my head! So, I remembered where they lived and we went over to their house and picked them up as investigators!!! I am so excited to be back and help Reseda again!

Also, crazy thing that happened this week....we lost our car. The Elders gave us a ton of crap for it because they didn't understand how we could lose a car, but we did. We had to park really far away from our appointment and afterwards it was dark and we were really lost. Hna Dunn and I were walking around pressing the red panic button to honk the horn for about 25 minutes... but we found it, haha. It was really funny because we felt so stupid just walking around these neighborhoods trying to find our car! 

I hope everyone has an awesome week. Sorry I don't have a ton of pictures but I will take more this week! Keep on being awesome!!!

-Hermana Hadley 

Hermana Hadley saying goodbye to the Ikahihifo Family Monday Night. 
She is really going to miss them.

While emailing at the computer store Hermana Hadley and Dunn sent us a 
snapshot of them through the computer :)