Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Jail Break and Hermana Dunn is Peachy

Well it has been a week let me tell you! There are so many things that happen everyday I don't even remember half of them!!! FIRST OFF... I hit my hump day at the MTC!!!! I am beyond happy about that one! I can't wait to get out in the field. Sometimes it feels like I haven't really started my mission yet. My Spanish has been getting so much better and I am really happy about that. It’s not perfect yet but between Hermana Dunn and I we can teach a whole lesson without any notes in Spanish!!! It's still frustrating at times but I know that faith without works is dead. With that being said I have never worked so hard in my life but it is awesome! We go home and go right to sleep exhausted but at the same time we are still smiling! 

Last Wednesday we managed to sneak out of the huge 16-foot tall fence!!! Ok maybe we didn't sneak out but they put us in a bus and we took a wonderful trip to the temple!!! It was so pretty!! Well the bus ride there was so bumpy and crazy and not too fun, but once we got to the temple it was great! We were able to do most of the session listening in English, but we had to do some in Spanish so that was a little hard. Ok random fact, there is an escalator in the temple, like 4 of them; the temple does not have stairs. It’s kind of different honestly but hey, we didn't have to walk up stairs. 

Another fun thing about this week, I got sick. A couple of us have really bad colds and on top of that Hermana Starke got way sick too just a different type of sick. Two nights ago another sister from our house came to say hi and looked at us where I was on the ground the other two were in their beds and Hermana Dunn was getting ready for bed. The sister asked what happened to us so I said, "well Hermana Woodyate and I have colds, Hermana Starke is dying from her insides and Hermana Dunn is just peachy" we all started laughing and went to bed at like 9:45 that night.

Last night I asked Elder Critchton and Elder Andrus for a blessing so I can get better and get back to work. This cold has really been hard, but we had such a spiritual night last night where my whole district and I started sharing our testimonies out of the blue. We felt the spirit so strong and after we finished the Elders gave me a blessing! I am so happy and grateful for all the Elders in my district they are my family here. 

Today we were able to go to the temple again and this time the whole bus was Latinos except for the 10 in my district the whole way there we sang hymns in Spanish and it was amazing!! I never thought you could feel the spirit on a bus that is making everyone sick, in the middle of Mexico, singing in a language that you barely know, but that goes to show you can feel the spirit anywhere and everywhere!!!

Love you all until next week,

Hermana Hadley

Mexico City Temple


Me and the Mexico City Temple

Visitor's Center at the Temple

Hermana Dunn and I forgot our umbrellas

Hermana's from our Casa

Our District at the Temple

Hermana Dunn and I