Monday, September 26, 2016

" Knock" with a steadfastness in Christ

Hello Everybody!!!

Well this week has been busy but that's normal for a mission! I watch as my Spanish and my testimony grow every single day and I can’t imagine how much more I am going to grow throughout the course of my mission!

There have been multiple miracles throughout the week that have shown me that Heavenly Father is in the details of our lives! There are many times where we will be knocking on doors and people are really not the nicest but we keep pushing forward and "knocking" with a steadfastness in Christ and also having faith.

The reason people are so mean to cute little 19 and 20 year old girls is because they see our name tag. Our name tag that represents so much and Satan knows it is true so people are pushed away. My favorite thing that people tell us is "I'm not interested", most of the time they tell that to us without us even getting a word out. People are crazy but I know that some day they will all be very interested.

First off last P-day we went and did some shopping and got everything ready for the week and then played volleyball with the zone! They are so fun to be around and it is awesome to socialize with a ton of other people who are in the exact same boat as you!

In our ward we have a set of Elders that are so fun and especially funny! Their names are Elder Adams and Elder Stolz. We have dinners with them throughout the week if ward council members feed us. During dinner the members, the Elders, Hermana Carlson and I are always laughing the whole time!!! Latinos are the funniest people they are always making little jokes and messing around!

Yesterday during ward council with the bishopric they started off the meeting talking about how many turkeys they are going to have for Thanksgiving. Don’t know why they are planning it now but one of the counselors said last year one of the turkeys flew away. Everyone laughed but because I am with Latinos I am not 100% sure if that was a joke or if a turkey really did fly away last year....

This last Friday we had a meeting for all the new missionaries with the President and it was so awesome!!! I have the best mission presidents ever!! They have such an amazing spirit to them! They talked a lot about having the faith to reap and to really push ourselves to be the best missionary the Lord wants us to be!

Throughout this whole week I have really been able get to know the members a lot more! We have gotten close with the Jovel familia and Hermano Jovel is one of the counselors in the bishopric so we have dinner with them and the Elders at least once a week! This week after the Women’s Conference we all went to In n' Out for dinner!

To end things for this week I will share with you one of the many miracles we had. Yesterday we had a long day of running around going to meetings, having meetings, appointments and also trying to take care of our sickly Elders and it got to the end of the day and we had one more appointment with someone we had contacted who was kind of interested but we were not sure.

We were so tired and had not had a break all day so we were ready to go home. We tried to call our appointment and they didn't answer so we were very tempted to simply go home but we had diligence and went to this person’s house. Lets just say it resulted in... A NEW INVESTIGATOR, and even better last night at the end of our lesson he committed to baptism! This week we will be figuring out a date that will work best!

I love this work, I love this gospel, and I have the greatest love for this special calling that I have to bring others unto Christ and to teach them about something that could change their life forever!! Go and Do!! Until next time… Adios Amigos!!

- Hermana Hadley

We got Heart Attacked by our Sister Training Leaders and our Zone Leaders

Hermana Carlson and I at Noche de Hispanidad last week

Our really nice car :)

That is a bowl of bananas they gave us at our Noche de Hispanidad Stake Party last week that they claimed were from Dominican Republic, look familiar Dad? It was actually pretty good.