Monday, June 12, 2017

"Changing the World One Balloon at a Time"

Hey everyone!!! I hope you guys are having a great summer. From what my parents have told me is that San Fernando was actually cooler temperatures this past week than in Utah... I never thought that would happen! The weather has been really nice this week and it has been great to work in as we knock doors and we are not sweating and look like we jumped in a pool! This week we saw so many miracles! "There can be miracles... when you believe!" - some song from the 90's. 

So, this week we met some amazing new investigators! Their names our Helen and Angle with their 8-year-old son Angle! They are from Cuba, we met them and taught them the first lesson. After the lesson, we invited them to church and gave them a Book of Mormon. She then told us that she had the Gospel Library app on her phone already because a year ago she was working at a hotel and a lady told her about the Book of Mormon!  WHAT THE WHAT????? She has already read a good chunk of the Book of Mormon and was so excited to get a paper copy. Helen and her son came to church this week and absolutely loved it! She asked us if we could come over as many times as we are free this week! They are going to be going to a Noche De Hogar (Family Home Evening) tonight with some members of our ward! We are so excited to teach them and get them to baptism!

In other news, we got a new Bishopric this week so that was very drastic and exciting! They are some really awesome men in our ward who are very excited to serve! It will be a good change and will be fun to start and help this brand-new bishopric! 

This week Hermana. Starke and I started this thing where we leave balloons in random bushes with scriptures on them it has been really fun!! The other day we put one in a bush and while we were walking to our car a mom with her kids walked by and they were so excited about the balloon:). Changing the World One Balloon at a time! I love being a missionary and having the chance to share the gospel with everyone around me... even if it is just sharing a scripture on a balloon or teaching an amazing family from Cuba who is prepared for the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ!!! Love you guys and I hope you have an amazing week!!!

Hermana Hadley 

The Balloon Adventures Begin!

Balloons in the Bush ;)

We went to Chili's for lunch last week with some other missionaries :)

Hermana Starke had some fun with her Laundry Basket the other day.

Dinner with my Comp :)

"I can fix anything with a Batman and Shopkins Band-aid"
-Hermana Starke when I hurt my finger