Monday, February 13, 2017

"Spur of the Moment Choices"

Hello all! I hope you guys are all staying afloat ;). It has been raining a ton here still but it is so exciting and we are for sure making the most of it. One of our investigators houses flooded on Saturday and we usually come home soaking wet. So that is about it for the update on the weather, now I get to tell you all the fun stuff that happened this week!

Monday after emailing we did something a little crazy... you might say it was a spur of the moment choice that we could have taken a little longer to think about. When we finish emailing we always go to the food court in the mall and meet up with other missionaries for lunch. After lunch Hermana Jensen and I, along with the other Hermanas, were walking out of the mall to our car to go make cookies.

While we were walking through the mall I looked down at the Claire's Jewelry Store and said, "I wonder how much it costs to get your ears pierced?" to which we then talked about how old we were when we got our ears pierced. We looked at Hermana Jensen... then jokingly said, "Hermana, you should get our ears pierced today." Then she said, “Sure, why not.” So a bathroom break later and pacing back and forth in front of Claire's... Hermana Jensen now has pierced ears! 

In other news we got quite a few new investigators this week. Two of them being Ebony who is 10 and Audrey who is 9, their mom is a member who is the sister of the husband of my first convert Brenda.  Yes, we are also teaching the girlfriend of the other brother. It is kind of a crazy family situation if you haven't noticed, but anyways they are on date for baptism and they are so excited! They are so cute and ready to be baptized!!

Earlier this week we had interviews with our mission president and that was very exciting as always. It is always fun to see President and Sister Henrie and we are so blessed to have them! 

I wanted to tell you about our crazy Sunday! It started off with me being very sick. I had picked up a cold because of all the rain and Sunday morning was a little rough. Well after studies and a lot of prayer I got better so fast! I had enough energy to go to all of our meetings that we had before church.

We were put in charge of singing time for the primary because it was Ward Conference so all the adults were in a different meeting. After 2 hours of kids screaming “Book of Mormon Stories” and “Once there was a Snowman” we then went to Sacrament Meeting. Yes, Sacrament Meeting is last here and our meeting block starts at 2:20.  The Church is still true ;).

As I was walking up to the Organ I was stopped by the Branch President’s wife and she told me they didn't have a musical number planned. This was a moment when I wished that I had my piano music with me but instead we did a no practice spur of the moment musical number. We sang “I Feel My Saviors Love” in Spanish with Hermana Jensen playing the piano. Also we had 4 of our investigators at church! It was a crazy, fun, busy and awesome Sabbath!!!

That is all for this week my friends! Love you all and hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day tomorrow and know I love and miss you all!!!

-Hermana Hadley

Still Singing in the Rain and Loving It!

Had to take a picture of San Fernando Mission Boulevard

Hermana Jensen re-thinking her life choices 

Hermana Jensen signing her life away :)

The Finshed Product! They look so cute!

This is the picture Hermana Jensen sent to her family and said, "Surprise! So...I did something impulsive this week."

Mom Note: We are hoping that next week is not "CTR" Tattoos for all the Hermana's