Tuesday, May 2, 2017

"Count Your Mini Blessings"

Hey everyone!!! Hope all is going great at home! This week has been fun but not too much has happened. It was kind of a long week especially compared to the crazy week we had last week. This week Hermana Nelson and I have been doing this new thing where we count our Mini blessings every day. Also, when we set goals in the morning we set a goal for how many miracles we want to see that day! It has been awesome to recognize these blessings! 

This week we found some new investigators who are really great! It is amazing how the Lord's timing plays an important role in our missionary work. The people we found were all needing us at the exact time we knocked on their door. I am so excited to start working with these people and begin to see the changes in their lives. :) 

Also last week I forgot to tell you that I ate this crazy hot pepper.... I was crying for a solid 15 minutes after I ate it. We were having dinner with a member and Elder Yeck turned to me and said, "Hey if you eat one of those peppers I will eat one too." So, after some convincing we ate the peppers. I about DIED!!! I felt numb all over my face and I was crying from the heat. Elder Yeck didn't even flinch. But he said he paid for it later.  So ya… that was an adventure.

This Sunday was the fifth Sunday so that meant... Missionary Sunday!!! In Sacrament Meeting Hermana Nelson gave an awesome talk and so did Elder Maynes. I played a musical number of "I Need Thee Every Hour" and Elder Yeck said he would happily take the job of sitting with all of our investigators. :)

It was a little crazy because while I was playing the sacrament hymn on the organ our phone went off. It was one of our investigators telling us that he was on his way to church. He had never been to church before and he would not know where to go. I went and sat down with Elder Yeck and we were trying to figure out how we were going to go get the investigator because both of our companions were up on the stand and we cannot leave at all without our companions.

So right before Hermana Nelson ended her talk and before my musical number he let us know he had arrived. So, I went to one end of the room and leaned out the doorway (obedient to every mission rule) and motioned for him to come in... it was a little crazy. Then I had him go sit with Elder Yeck while I went up to play the musical number which by the way went really well. :) Sundays as a missionary are always a little crazy but we are defiantly being blessed for our obedience!

Our investigator ended up staying for all 3 hours and really enjoyed it, we were so happy about that!!! I wanted to end by sharing a little bit of what my little 13-year-old brother Logan wrote me this week. He bore his testimony in church on Sunday and also shared it with me, "Life is like an equation waiting to be solved by the most important things in life like baptism, receiving the priesthood, going on a mission, etc. and if we do it correctly we will end up with the answer of a perfect or happy life with your family." Gotta love that kid! He has it right! We need to try our best to figure out our own life equation and solve it!!! Keep on going everyone and try to count all of your MINI blessings that God gives us each and every day!

Hermana Hadley

I Love being a Missionary!

Me dying and Elder Yeck just sitting there with the hot pepper!

We found a chicken walking around on the street but he did not cross the road. Haha. 
I told you it was a slow week. :)

One of our Mini blessings: Our ward mission leader found out we did not have dinner one night and so he bought us McDonald's and brought it to us once we got home! <3

We came across this front yard and decided the people here 
are very dedicated to their city of "L.A." :)