Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Breakfast Food Anyone?

I literally don't know where to start, about 500 things have happened this week. My brain is very scattered right now because it is transfer day and we have been moving, getting new companions, trying to get everything done for p-day and emailing...... AHHHHHHH! Normally transfer day is not on a p-day but because of the holiday this is how it worked out.

So this last week we have been doing some last minute stuff trying to get ready for Hermana Robertson to go home tomorrow!!!! We have seen a ton of miracles this week! It all started on Tuesday....

We went on exchanges this week with our STL's (Sister Training Leader’s) and we saw so many things happen!!! First, I went to do English work with Sister Harker and we went to go knock doors. We went to this apartment complex in their area where we quickly found out that it was only Spanish people in the complex.

Since I was the one who spoke Spanish I talked for a whole hour. It is different not having a companion who also knew Spanish to trade off with.  During that hour I taught 3 lessons all by myself and got 3 new investigators for the other Hermana's!!!!! At the same time that was going on Hermana Robertson was working in our area and during the exchange she got 9 new investigators this week!!! So many miracles!!! Our area is on FIRE!!!! 

We did some service at a ranch this week and we got really muddy so that was an adventure.  We always have fun with the horses and helping out where we can.

Later that night we were driving to our dinner appointment and the Tiwi (the thing that talks to us in our car) got mad at me and gave me an "aggressive driving" which isn't good.  I was given that because I went over a bump fast.

So I called Elder Haws, who is the Senior missionary over cars and he said, "What now Hermana Hadley…." Haha. I told him what had happened and he said he would clear it if I did 10 push-ups.  Not a bad consequence so I went home and then realized I can't do push-ups. Yes, pictures were taken and I will send them and it was a very sad conclusion, but my aggressive driving got cleared :)! We got transfer calls and I found out I was staying in my area but moving apartments so it has been crazy trying to pack but it’s been fun. 

Yesterday we surprised Hermana Robertson by going to Coco's which is a little breakfast and pie place. We went with the Elders and our Zone Leaders, it was so fun to spend time with everyone. Then this morning we went to IHOP for a District breakfast before transfers. So we have eaten a lot of breakfast food lately!

We went to pay for our food and an anonymous person payed for ALL of our food!!!!! Probably a member and that was so kind because there were 10 of us!!! It was so sweet and we are so blessed!!!

We then went to transfers where we have been running around changing apartments and I am now with my new companion Hermana Jensen!!!! She is so sweet and I am excited for this transfer!!! Have a great week everyone!!!!

-Hermana Hadley

10 Push-ups I can do this!

Maybe Not?


We locked Hermana Johnson outside for companion study!  
Hermana Talbert was helping her study.

Hermana Robertson, Hadley, Talbert and Johnson 
walking to Coco's for the surpise breakfast.

Coco's goodbye breakfast for Hermana Robertson with everyone.

District Breakfast at IHOP before transfers 
and some sweet person paid for all 10 of us!