Tuesday, May 30, 2017

"A Swollen Colon"

What a week. This has been one of the most crazy weeks ever in my mission. I have had such a fun time with Hermana Starke this week! We are pretty much best friends! Hermana Starke and I have been having a lot of fun catching up from our time in the Mexico City MTC together and it has been so great to see how much we have changed and grown, personally, and in the Spanish language! We have had quite a few adventures....

First this week I said goodbye to Hermana Nelson, which was hard but I am so excited for her and all the amazing things she is going to do in life! She was an awesome companion and I was so lucky to serve with her. This week I had a fun time introducing Hermana Starke to all the members and also sharing our talents with others. Hermana Starke before her mission was going to major in Opera Performance. She has a beautiful voice so we have been singing for all the members and they have been loving it! 

Now on to our biggest adventure of this week.... Once upon a time Hermana Starke was mildly Lactose intolerant. Saturday night we were fed a lot of Lactose. So, Saturday night we were up late because she was in a lot of pain, we found ourselves on the ground singing the songs from Pete’s Dragon trying to distract her from the pain.

Sunday, we were dead tired but pushed through and went to church. Then during church the pain kicked up again. A member gave her some meds and we stayed to the end of Relief Society. After church, we went home and took her temperature which was 102.5 so we called President and he told us to stay inside for Knockout. Well Hermana Starke told me she would be ok if we went to our dinner appointment so we did. Then after dinner we had to sit down on a curb because she was so sick.

Fast forward and Sister Fairmond and Sister Turner (our new mission nurse) came over to our house and decided that we needed to take her to the ER. Our Zone Leaders ran over and gave her a blessing really fast. The Elders raided our cupboards and put together bags of food for us to take and then we left.

We got to the ER and we were there until 3:30 a.m. Long story short Hermana Starke has a swollen colon and intestines. So, she is on a liquid diet for a few days and some major meds. They pumped her with Morphine and my favorite thing she said was to her nurse. Her nurse’s name was Tony and she turned to him and said, "Hey Tony I like your name, my name is Starke and together we make Iron Man”, 10 months on the mission and she still got game HAHA ;). She has been really loopy and I have had a front row seat in the Hermana Starke Comedy Show. It was a crazy night and yesterday (Memorial Day) we stayed inside all day and the Zone Leaders brought us Jamba Juice. 

So, it has been an adventure not too much missionary work happening but we are going to get her better soon:)! Also, it was Rafael’s birthday this week and we had 2 people at church this week!

Hope you guys had an awesome Memorial Day and have a great week!

-Hermana Hadley 

Saying Goodbye to Hermana Nelson <3

Helping Hermana Nelson pack the night before by eating some farewell cake. :)

The New Companionship!!! 
Hermana Starke and Hadley are together!!!

Mom Note: These darling girls left on the same day for Mexico City MTC. Before McKay's mission we took a trip to Portland, Oregon and McKay was insistent that we go inside the Portland Temple Vistor's Center. Right when we walked in the doors we were greeted by Sister Missionaries and McKay told them she had her call and where she was going. The Sister's were so excited, grabbed their phone and instantly called a girl in the ward where they were serving who just the night before opened her mission call to CASF Spanish Speaking and entering the Mexico MTC August 2, 2016. 

The missionaries said on the phone, "Sister Starke, we found your Companion" and quickly handed the phone to McKay.  The girls quickly became "Facebook Friends" and enjoyed communicating the 2 months before their missions.  This is a very special memory for our family and so grateful for this friendship and that McKay followed her prompting.

The New Spanish Crew!

Grilled Mexican Street Corn 
Grilled Corn, Mexican Creama, Cotija Cheese and Chili Powder

Rafael's Birthday Party!

Our ER Adventures

Mom Note: We also have become friends with the Starke family in Portland and we received this proud parent moment text from Hermana Starke's mom. 

"Hi Lynette! I just wanted to say thank you for raising such a sweet daughter. Ally has been sick and has had a really rough week, including the ER. She said that McKay has been amazing, kind, understanding, and just all-around wonderful. She was so grateful for her compassion.  She said she's is one of nicest people she has ever met. Thanks again!"

It is messages like this that make each day easier to send your child out on a mission. <3

Sister Fairmond our mission nurse who is leaving soon. 
We love and appreciate her service in our mission and we will miss her so much!

A picture that a Spanish Member sent to McKay's parents along with a video of Hermana Hadley playing the piano and Hermana Starke singing in Spanish "I Know That My Redeemer Lives" in their home. They were very touched by their sweet spirits. Glad these Hermana's have now taken their show on the road. :)