Monday, December 19, 2016

Temple Trip and Santa's Elves

Merry Christmas everybody! I hope you are all enjoying the holidays! This week has been awesome getting ready for the Christmas Season! It still doesn't really feel like Christmas here because there is not any snow but we have covered our apartment with paper snowflakes so it looks like a winter wonderland! This week has been a little slow as far a missionary work goes because I managed to get my companion sick as well so we worked as much as we could without pushing it. But we are feeling better now so that is good! 

My highlight of the week was going to the temple!!!!! It was so beautiful and perfect! I have missed being able to go to the temple whenever I want and it was such a blessing to be able to go and sit in the temple feeling that special peace and spirit! I have gained a testimony of the amazing blessings and miracles that come from the temple. The LA temple is so pretty and very big! The sweet Allen family drove us and it was awesome to see so many missionaries all gathered together to go inside. I felt so blessed that day!

The other part of my week has been working with our Relief Society President on wrapping gifts that have been donated to families in our branch who can't afford Christmas this year. It has been so exciting putting it together and then going with other missionaries to carol while delivering the gifts to these cute families! I loved being one of Santa's Elves!

I have really recognized the true meaning of Christmas this season and focusing outward and not inward. I know that as we work to being more Christ like around this Christmas season we will see the amazing blessings that come from improving ourselves and serving others! I hope you all have a great Christmas and to always remember CHRIST!! Love you all and may all your Christmases be bright! 

-Hermana Hadley

PS I am still finding cactus needles everywhere. It’s become a game! 😂 

Hermana Robertson and I at the LA Temple

Brother and Sister Allen who took us to the temple 
with our mission for Christmas!  Love them so much!!!

Los Angeles Temple

A family from the Phillipines and their daughter leaving on her mission to 
Honolulu, Hawaii Korean Speaking leaving January 18th

Missionary Christmas Elves!

Gifts to be delivered to homes of needy families