Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Kiwi Our Tiwi

Hey everyone!!  Well let’s start off by talking about an amazing Zone Conference that we had with our mission president this week! Dang I am so lucky to have President Henrie's guidance and love during this whole experience!

He talked to us about the importance of using the Book of Mormon and also always teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ that consists of 5 points that I want to share with you, this is something we teach so many people:

1. Faith in Christ: We need to always have that faith in our Savior. Without that faith we don't have direction in our lives and his guidance, but with that faith we need to act. Faith without works is dead, so what do we do to act on our faith?

2. Repentance: After we gain our faith we constantly need to be working toward become better and working on our relationship with Christ! Repentance is an amazing gift that we have been given that we get to use every single day to constantly be improving!

3. Baptism: This is an opportunity we have to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized with the priesthood authority! For those who have been baptized this is the step of renewing our baptismal convents by taking the sacrament every week!

4. Receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost: This is something so important in the Gospel! How amazing is it that we get to have the presence of a member of the God Head with us 24/7!! Follow those promptings because they will always guide you to do what is right!

5. Enduring to the End: Well this one is always the hard one... Life gets to us, it hits us hard sometimes. But though the guidance we have been given, by prophets and the Book of Mormon, we can Endure to the End! This step is so important that we always keep going no matter what and put our faith and trust in HIM!!! Put him in charge of your life because I promise you He knows what He is doing :).

Well there is my little spiritual thought that I felt prompted to share with you all this week! This week has been a big learning experience for me as far as trying to progress more in the language and working on lessons for our investigators! The work is progressing so much here and I am so lucky to be apart of it! Our investigator that we had on date for baptism is currently MIA.... so ya, we will figure that one out and I will update you on that later.

Last Monday we had a dinner with our Obispo (Bishop) and it was so great! He is so funny and he has a cute family! We have been meeting with a lot with members in our ward and have been really trying to find Gold Mine families or part member families. It has been awesome to see how many we have found this last week and we will hopefully help progress the work!

One last thing, we have these new TIWI boxes that they put in our cars that talk to us…they are fun. They tell us to get buckled and drive slower. We have learned that you can only go about 5 miles an hour in a church parking lot or it will get mad at you, we just coast all the way to a parking spot. We named him Kiwi so now we have another person in the car with us everywhere we go! 

Have an amazing week everybody! Keep going on and Enduring to the End!!!!

-Hermana Hadley

The San Fernando Zone

Hermana Hadley & Hermana Carlson at Zone Conference

The Elder's from our ward.  We planned to match for Zone Conference and it was pretty awesome!

A cute little letter we got from our Mom's this week!

Christmas Day came a little early!  Got the best package from my family this week 
with some things from home and awesome treats!  They are the best!

We started decorating for Halloween!