Monday, November 7, 2016

Being Blessed with an Hour

This has not been a normal week at all. But that usually means growth as a missionary. God loves us so much and he gives us trials that he knows we can handle. Some sad news that happened this week was that Hermana Dye went home. It all happened very fast but we know that the Lord has a plan for her. Her health wasn't doing very good and because she is now home she can get the help that she needs but we love her so much and we are excited for all the amazing things she is going to do. She found out late Friday night that she was going home and so we hurried and packed her and she left Saturday morning. So we were glad we had an extra hour of sleep! 

With that being said we are now in a trio permanently covering 2 areas andwe have 17 investigators we are trying to balance. It is going to be crazy but a heck ton of fun. We have one of our investigators getting baptized this next week on the 19th and we are so excited for her. She will be getting married this week and then we need to just keep working with her during the time before her baptism. We are so excited! 

Halloween: Well last Monday we had dinner with a family from our ward and then watched the Restoration video! It was awesome and I was able to see Elder Martin again! It was so great to see someone from home and we just sat there and talked and got caught up. 

OH, this is some big news, so our Spanish branch plays soccer every single Saturday and we go because it is an awesome way to get new investigators and also work with the Branch. Well... I made a GOAL!!!! Yup just remember I am playing with Latinos and I made a goal!!!! I also did eat it pretty hard and now have some cool bruises on my legs but that just means I was having fun. 

Spoil alert!!! We were able to watch the Christmas video for this year early and it is AWESOME!!! It will come out on November 25th, so be excited! Anyways have an amazing week and know I am keeping you in my prayers! Love you all!

-Hermana Hadley