Monday, April 3, 2017

"Spiritual Splash Zone"

Hey Everyone! I hope you guys are all doing great! I wanted to start off with the spiritual side of my week first and talk about CONFERENCE! Conference was so awesome, I have such a deep love for it and is truly such a blessing that we have been given! This is such a great chance that we have to listen to a prophet’s voice and heed to the promptings that we receive while listening to them. One of the talks that was my favorite was of course Elder Holland. First, because he is just awesome and second because it totally related to my life. 

As you all know I have a deep love for music so I really could relate to his talk about all of us being in an eternal choir. Some days there are "songs we cannot sing" but I know that if we turn to our Savior during those hard days and hard times we can "stand by someone who can sing”.

I also wanted to bare my testimony on the truthfulness of the talk given by our dear prophet on the power of the Book of Mormon. I love meeting people and having the opportunity to tell them about the Book of Mormon. It really helps us see the path and the plan that God has for each of us as we read the Book of Mormon daily!

Conference was for sure the highlight of this week but we did have some other awesome things happen. Our cute 10-year-old investigator Rafael is progressing so well! If you remember his mother is a member but had become inactive.  They decided to walk into the church the other day and we just happened to be there. One of the best things for investigators is for them to have fellow-shippers (friends that are members) well.... this kid is hanging out with his fellow-shippers so much we can barely meet with him ourselves! I guess that is a good thing.

He watched conference at their house and loved it! We are so excited to see him progress. He is actually doing a Book of Mormon Marathon during spring break with the primary. It is really incredible! Also, Rafael has a pet squirrel so that makes lessons very fun. 

In other news Hermana Nelson and I are going to run our 5K this weekend so we are excited and ready! Also, we found this really funny random picture on the side of the road that we picked up... we named it Kevin. Anyways I hope you guys all have a great week! The best part of conference is always when we apply in our everyday life what we learned after conference! Love you all!

-Hermana Hadley 

Rafael and his pet Squirrel

Last weeks Zone Activity

 Me with our new pet Kevin that I put on the wall using duct tape and a hanger :)

Hermana Nelson planked for 10 minutes...and then got a carpet burn!

Hermana Nelson and Hermana Hadley on Conference Weekend