Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Married and Divorced in 30 Minutes

Hola Amigos!!!! I have decided that the days here are very long, but the weeks are short! Time is picking up so fast here at the CCM, I only have two weeks left here and then I am out in the field! It is crazy, some days I feel ready to go into the field and others I feel like I am still not even close to being ready! My Spanish has gotten sooooo much better this last week! Hermana Dunn and I don’t use any notes for lessons anymore and reach our goals to speak only Spanish until lunchtime! I am also able to have normal conversation with the workers here!

So you all know, I got over my cold so that was a blessing! I love all of the emails and letters that I have been getting they give me that extra push that I need every week. Well one fun experience that I had this week was during TRC where we teach volunteers who don’t speak English a lesson.  Some are members or nonmembers or less active and we don’t know that when we teach them. We did a companion switch so I was with another sister.

The first lady we taught spoke so fast and we had no idea what she was saying. I picked up on words here and there but didn’t understand her question. My companion was getting really frustrated and so I turned to her and told her to share her testimony. Once she started doing that the spirit filled the whole room! It was amazing as she talked about how she didn’t know Spanish well but she knew the church was true. The three of us started crying... yes the investigator too! Luckily she was already a member so we didn’t mess her up too bad!

This week was filled with spiritual experiences one of them was when we taught one of our teachers a lesson. Now this teacher is hard. Everyone in my district knows that when you teach him he is going to give you some serious feedback. During the lessons he will ask you impossible questions like why the catholic church was built on the rock of Peter and you can’t even answer that in English let alone Spanish.  

Anyways, Hermana Dunn and I have been praying and studying so hard to be able to have one good lesson with this teacher! We taught our lesson and after we ended he looked at us in silence and said… Perfect. It was incredible!  He never has said that to anyone or has said anything positive about a lesson. So having him say that was a miracle!!! We told our district and they didn’t believe us. We are now the teacher’s favorites so we are pretty proud about that! Also I was asked to give a talk last Sunday in church on the Atonement and I did it all in Spanish!! That in it’s self is a miracle!

One little funny story about this week. So I was asked to sit in and be a member during and investigator lesson. The lesson was on families so they had me pretend to be married to another Elder.... It was awkward.... but kind of funny. The lesson went pretty good. The Hermanas that taught thought it would be funny if I was the one "married" to him because his girlfriend back at home has the last name of Hadley. Anyways it was weird. 

This week has been another good one in the books and I really love having that constant feeling of being a missionary! Tuesdays we have devotionals and I always go and sing in the choir. Yesterday we sang the EFY medley “As Sisters in Zion” and “We’ll Bring the World His Truth”. It was amazing and I got so emotional singing this song in Spanish especially when we sang the line "and we will be the Lords missionaries to bring the world his truth" it was the best! I love every second here even the hard ones!

Love you all and hope everything is going great at home!!!

Te Amo,

Hermana Hadley

My District minus Elder Dew and Elder Tibbits...They weren't feeling to hot that day.

The result of praying every 30 minutes! It's great, they are called praying bruises.

It rains a lot here.  I am almost positive that all of Mexico is going to flood.

Elder Critchton and Elder Andrus, they are our best buds.

The Arboleda where I find the most peace. There are a ton of parrots in the trees. 
Reminds me of the Tiki Room in Disneyland.

Stewart Weight and his companion, neighbor who moved away now found in Mexico!

Gatorade which has saved me this week and all the stomach problems here!