Monday, April 10, 2017

"Attitude Determines Altitude"

Hola everyone!!! So, I am first going to start off with transfer news... both me and Hermana Nelson are staying! We were so happy to get that news and this will be her last transfer so I am excited to finish her off. We saw President Henrie yesterday and he said that I was accused of pre-meditated murder ;). I am excited to be her companion for the last part of her mission and we are going to have such an awesome transfer. 

This transfer included something I have not witnessed on my mission yet. Because of companions finishing their missions or me changing areas, I have had a new companion every six weeks my whole mission so far (8 months). This is a welcome change to be in the same area and same companion for 12 weeks!

So, I will share a few highlights from this week and then I have an awesome spiritual message I want to share with you at the end... so stay tuned.

Well this week we had exchanges so I was able to go back to YSA (Young Single Adults) and work for another day. It was a lot of fun and we had some awesome lessons. We went to Corner Bakery for dinner and then for lunch the next day we went to the best place on earth... COSTCO! Haha I was so excited to get one of my favorite things which was the berry sundae! It was over all, an awesome exchange where we were also able to get one of their investigators on date for baptism!

The rest of the week has been filled with energetic lessons with our 10-year-old investigator. It has been so fun to see him love going to scouts and hanging out with all the boys his age. Our lessons are always very crazy trying to have him focus and bringing other boys from the ward to the lessons. Hermana Nelson and I always seem to come home exhausted. But it is so worth it! My favorite comment was when one of the little boys from the ward was talking to Rafael about the priesthood and said, "Well look at it this way, it’s like magic from Heaven." These lessons are the best!

Also, this week we had interviews with our mission president which is always a great opportunity to talk to him one on one! We really focused on the word "Becoming" and what that word means as a missionary. It was so great! In one of the other classrooms where Sister Henrie was (with candy J as always) they had “Attitude Determines Altitude” written on the chalkboard. This is where we write quotes that help us when we are feeling a little down. So, through this quote board our zone leaders had an amazing idea for a training which now leads me to the spiritual side of my email:

Attitude Determines Altitude. Attitude is a choice. The higher our attitude is the more successful we will be. Let’s look at the Wright Brothers, they were two people who had a dream to fly the first aircraft. They didn't have as many sponsors or supporters, they actually had many people tell them they couldn't do it. But they had the attitude, the drive, and the determination to do so. This resulted in them having literal Altitude and the key to their story was their Attitude. As missionaries, we see how our attitude effects our success and overall happiness. To fly a plane there are 3 important parts:

1. That the Pilot is in control of the Aircraft: Let God be in control of us and let him lead and guide us in all that we do. 

2. The Wings must have life: The lift is our personal attitude and outlook on life.

3. Every Plane needs an Engine: Trusting in Christ is the ultimate way we receive our strength and power!

So, "Don't Worry, Be Happy Now" there is no reason to be down or feel defeated if we know we have God on our side! Keep positive and I hope you all have a beautiful Easter while we remember the resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ!

Love you guys!

-Hermana Hadley

A picture of my last District. 
Some of the Elder's decided to reenact "Thriller"

Dinner and a Show
Food from "Salsa and Beer" with Bible videos on our little DVD player. 
Don't worry we did not have Beer :)

Elder Hadley and Hermana Hadley! No relation, just two Hadley's in 
"The Great California San Fernando Mission"

My Berry Sundae from COSTCO!

Spreading the Love! <3

Hermana Nelson after a lesson with Rafael!

Next 3 pictures were sent to McKay's Parents from her Uncle Sherman's Family who spent Spring Break in McKay's Mission. We had no idea they were going there or else we would have taken up the extra seat in their Suburban.  They never saw her and said she must be out working hard. 

Ok we are in front of her apartment, how do we get in? 

"The Hadley's are in the Hood"
The Sherman Hadley family with Aunt Nann taking the picture :)
They have a son in Peru but don't think we will be able to drop something off to their missionary. 

There is a code to get into the building so they pressed 20 buttons until someone let them in.  When writing McKay we found out that she in fact was home and thought it was Jehovah Witnesses trying to get into the apartment building.  She was right on the other side of the door studying but never saw them! 

This is the surprise bag that we almost tripped over as we left our apartment.

Big Thank You to the Easter Bunny and the Sherman Hadley Family!!! 
I feel so loved and it was exactly what I needed!