Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Transfers are crazy, well let’s start with what happened that day. I got packed and rearranged my old apartment because they were getting 2 more people moving into it. Went to transfer meeting where everything you know gets flipped upside down. Monday night I got a call from our President telling me that he was doing an emergency transfer and I will have a different companion who is Hermana Johnson! She is so sweet! I was able to work a little with her in my last zone so I am very excited to be with her, she just finished training so we are both flying a little blind white washing this area and then also covering 2 areas because.... 

The companion that I was going to have was sweet Hermana Dye who has been feeling really sick. We still live in the same apartment as her so on day 2 of being in this area we made a fun trip to the ER to then find out she would be having surgery to get her gallbladder removed. Thursday she had surgery and since then we have been spending a lot of time with her in our nurse’s apartment! CRAZY!! She is doing so much better now and just healing from the surgery. So we have been a trio for the last few days! Always an adventure!

Because of all that craziness we haven't gotten too much missionary work in this week but we are now just trying to meet our investigators :). We have been getting to know a lot of the people here in the Spanish branch in Santa Clarita. My area is so big with Six Flags and many stores. We have done a lot of service this week with Operation Gratitude and we helped clean up a park nearby. Oh and one of my favorite things happened this week... IT RAINED!!!! That has been the best!

We had a fun Halloween party with our Spanish branch and the English ward this week that was fun to meet a lot of new people. We get dinners from the English ward too so hopefully I will be able to keep up my Spanish because even the Spanish branch speaks English here in my new area haha. I will speak to them in Spanish and they reply to me in English... They are funny. 

Tonight for Halloween we are getting together as missionaries to have pizza and watch the Restoration video. We party hard here in the San Fernando Mission ;), for real though we are all very excited to spend time together and watch a movie.

This week has been not a normal week but it has been one of growth for sure. Each and everyday I am growing as a missionary and gaining experiences that will help me in the future! Thanks for all of your love and support! And have a fun but not too much fun Halloween night! ;)

-Hermana Hadley

We came up with some costumes for the Branch Halloween Party.

My amazing new companion Hermana Johnson

A family made us Meatloaf Brains and Potato Ghosts.

Our surprise party we threw for a Hermana who finished her mission.