Monday, February 6, 2017

"Girl's Camp and Crazy People"

Hey Y'all!! How’s it going! This week has been amazing for sure as I hit my 6 month mark this week so that is a huge milestone for me!!! This week was filled with a lot of growth since we had some bumps in the road but that is normal for mission life. The important part is that when you hit a bump in the road you get back up and keep going and you come back stronger! 

Last Monday after emailing and shopping we went on a hike as a zone, it was so fun. The hike we went on was called “Elder's Loop” so we had to do it!! A lot of people were late coming so we started our hike without some of them. It was all the sisters and our zone leaders that went on the hike. We kept messing with them and said they were the Priesthood Representatives at Girls Camp!! They were good sports about it. California is so pretty and I am so lucky to be here!!

Wednesday we had some sad news that we couldn't go teach 3 of our little investigators who are 16, 11, and 9. We went to go teach them and the aunt who is their guardian talked with us in the driveway. The aunt told us that she and her husband had talked and they thought it would be best if we stopped coming by to teach the kids.

They are catholic and they were struggling with the kids wanting to get baptized in our church. It was sad mainly because they weren't able to make the choice themselves. I had become very close to them and we had many spiritual experiences with them. Both of their parents had passed away and when we taught the Plan of Salvation the 11-year-old boy said that it made so much sense.  We were so happy to teach them that principal of the gospel.  The 11-year-old was born with a cleft lip and palate so naturally we had a quick connection because of my brother Parker who was born with the same birth defect.  But we got back on our feet and kept going so all we can do now is pray for them and pray that their aunt and uncle will soften their hearts.

But on the upside...... This week we got 2 new investigators, 1 has a baptismal date and the other is amazing!!! She is living with her boyfriend (ya, we will cross that bridge when we get there) who is a member and she is loving learning about the gospel. Fun fact the boyfriends brother is the husband of my first convert Brenda!! That sounded a little confusing but I couldn't think of another way to say that. Anyways, we are so excited for them!

We also had an awesome exchange this week with our STL's (Sister Training Leader’s). I was with Sister Harker in English work and it was fun! We did an awesome service project that the stake was doing to help give clothes to the homeless. It was exciting to go and help out. A person from the stake was there and he was making a film of what was going on. He is actually one of the actors from “The Singles Ward”. So I will send you the creepy stocker picture we took of him. Haha. 

To end this week's letter, I wanted to tell you of just one of our interesting experiences we had. It was a sunny Sunday afternoon that happened to be Fast and Testimony meeting. We had an investigator at church and everything was going great! We were hungry but happy.

During our Sacrament Meeting a very elderly Latino lady got up to bear her testimony. Now because I am not 100% fluent in Spanish I didn't catch all of her testimony.  But I can tell you that she said how much she missed Utah (she is not from Utah), then started crying and then told everyone that she had enough faith and that if we all prayed hard enough then we can get Trump impeached....... That was all.

Anyways on that note, I hope you guys are doing amazing and have an awesome week!! Also it is raining really hard here again so warning to all you people in Utah that more snow is coming your way!! Love you guys!!!

-Hermana Hadley 

All of the Sister's on The "Girl's Camp" Hike
Mom Note/Story: Just hours before McKay left for the Mexico City CCM she realized she did not have exercise shorts for her mission.  Her brother Parker then put his favorite Basketball shorts in her suitcase and told her she could take them.  We all questioned his generous offer and he insisted.  
Love to see the act of service between siblings in this picture. <3

The Hike. 
See the Elder's way up ahead of us...I am sure that was their way of protecting us.

The Elder's at Elder Loop or our "Camp Priesthood Representatives" :)

Sister Harker and I at the Service Project providing clothing for the Homeless

Sister Harker and I with the Awesome Sisters from the Stake that we worked with.

Creepy Stocker Picture: Guy from Single's Ward Movie at the Service Project

Hermana Jensen and I having lunch with our mission nurse Sister Fairmond!  Love Her!