Monday, January 9, 2017

Carrot and an Egg

For those of you in Utah, I have had a very different week from you. We have had a ton of rain but all that rain turned into snow over in your direction. So I hope you are having fun with all that crazy snow/ice/cold temperatures and whatever else is coming your way.

This week we have had a lot of things happen as far as the missionary work goes. We got many new solid investigators and we have 4 people on date for baptism! We are very excited and it is so fun to see people progressing in their path towards Christ!

I had a fun little surprise when I was at church yesterday. My companion and I were in the restroom at church when I started talking to a lady and she told me that her son was going to be coming to this mission soon and also speaking Spanish. I asked her where she was from and she said Provo and then quickly I made the connection on who they were. It was the amazing Brown family who live in my Grandma Condie’s ward. I met their son Andrew when I was younger while visiting my Grandparent’s ward and haven't seen him in years. It was so fun to see him yesterday and talk with Andrew, and his mom Emily Brown, about The Great California San Fernando Mission. It is going to be fun to have another friend in the mission in just a few weeks!

Last P-day we went bowling as a Zone and I was surprised to see that I didn't do too bad. We also played soccer this Saturday with our Branch and Latino’s play rain or shine so soccer was a huge muddy fun mess.

It has been crazy trying to get Hermana Robertson all ready to go home in just 9 days but it is so fun seeing all of these miracles happen right before she leaves. She is sad to leave the mission life because it is for sure something very special. 

During one of our companion studies this week with the other Hermana's we came up with a pretty good analogy that I wanted to share with you. So I will do the best I can at explaining what our crazy minds were thinking this one rainy afternoon.

When we are going through different trials in our life we need to choose how we are going to react and what we are going to take from that trial. We compared this to boiling a carrot and an egg. When you boil a carrot it gets soft but when you boil an egg it gets hard. When we are going through a difficult time sometimes our hearts are softened or get hard and closed off.

We all go through so many different things in this life and it is so important to try and be humble to allow our hearts to be softened so we can learn. God trust us more when we are able to grow and learn but if we have a hard heart and don’t try to learn from our trials we don't progress spiritually. So there is my little spiritual thought for the day using a carrot and an egg. 

I hope you all have an awesome week! We find out about transfers on Saturday and we have a very crazy schedule so hopefully we will survive this awesome amazing week!!!!

Go and Do!!!
Love ya

-Hermana Hadley

We made dinner for the Elders
Mom Note: Guess one Elder decided to go with "In-N-Out Burger"
 and their dining room looks a lot like a church house classroom :)

My Amazing District

Hermana Robertson's Funeral 
We are sure going to miss her, she was a good Hermana :(

Andrew Brown and I at church soon to be Elder Brown!

The Hermana's in my apartment
Another Mom Note:  Are these the same girls that came up with the Carrot and an Egg?

Hermana Hadley and Hermana Robertson!