Monday, March 6, 2017

"Fire and Sleep Talking"

Hello everyone!!! This week has been so great! It is nice to be back in Reseda and to be back in the crazy Valley of San Fernando where people speak Spanish and cut you off while driving, it’s great! But seriously there is something special about this Valley and I am so excited to serve here again. Transfer day was awesome and crazy. It was good to see everyone and it was a little hectic trying to pack everything out of our apartment. We ran around saying goodbye to everyone in our branch and also our investigators. It was sad to say goodbye but they are all in such good hands.

Now I am here in Reseda with Hermana Nelson! It is so fun to be driving the streets and remembering where everyone lives. Tuesday we texted our Ward Mission Leader to see if we were still going to have our meeting the next day at the church house and he replied in Spanish and told us no because there was a fire... we read that thinking he meant a fireside. No, there was literally a fire at the church house. So we had church at a different building this week and probably will be there for a while. The Relief Society room, the Kitchen and the Young Women room are all nonexistent do to the fire.
Mom Note: Hoping to get more info next week on this new development.

Sunday at church, in my new/old ward, I went up and took my normal place at the organ! Many of the ward members ran up and hugged me and thought that I was just in the ward that usually attended this building and they were so happy to find out that I was back in their ward. While sitting at the organ the Bishop did a double take and said wait do you go to this building and I told him I am back in this ward! He lifted his hands up and said, "Prayers do get answered!!!" It made me really happy to be remembered and now I can actually talk to them in Spanish!
Mom Note Again: This is the ward that did not have anyone able to play the piano let alone the organ when she first went out in the mission field. Many had told McKay that they had never even heard the organ played and became very emotional the first time they heard it during Sacrament Meeting back in September.  Before they would hold a smart phone up to the microphone to hear the Hymns and be able to sing. Bringing music into this ward has been a very special and humbling moment for McKay that she will not forget.

My last story for this week happened on Friday night. It was about 3 in the morning and Hermana Nelson and I were just sleeping away and then I started sleep talking... IN SPANISH!!! I kind of woke myself up a little bit to hear me say, "En el nombre de Jesucristo Amen". Then Hermana Nelson replied with Amen.... then we both realized what had just happened. It was so funny. Hermana Nelson said she was half a wake when she heard me talking and she said it was perfect Spanish. So that made me happy that I have hit the point in the language that I am dreaming in Spanish!! Yay!!

Anyways that is all for this week but I hope you are all doing well! Life is great and God is good! Life is too short to waste any minute of it!!!

-Hermana Hadley

Saying Goodbye to the Allen Family :( 
Love them so much!

Transfer Day and these sweet Hermana's

My New Companion Hermana Nelson and a photo bomb in the back ;)

Family picture with my "Mom" or Trainer Hermana Carlson before she went home.  
This is all the people she trained and our first District Leader's or our "Dad's"

Hermana Carlson left me a cute little gift on my desk in my new/old apartment.

Some pretty flowers we found

Hermana Nelson and Hermana Hadley