Monday, March 13, 2017

"Run Forest Run!!!"

"Life is an occasion, rise to it!!!" Hey guys, how are you all doing? This week has been great as always! We had some really cool miracles that happened this week that really helped us have so much drive to keep going and finding the elect! First off last Monday we had a fun zone activity where we went to a soccer field and played USA vs Mexico! It was a party. Hermana Nelson and I didn't play because we came late and there was a ton of traffic but it was awesome to see everyone. Also it hit 100 degrees a few times this week... that’s been fun… I can't even imagine what summer is going to be like.

We had an awesome Zone Training Meeting that was done by our STL's (Sister Training Leaders) and Zone Leaders. They talked about going and teaching the elect because it is so important that we are not wasting our time with people who are not ready for the gospel yet. So that day we hit the street and started knocking some doors and it resulted in us getting 6 new investigators this week! They are so great and a lot of them have so much potential! I am excited and feel very grateful that the Lord has trusted me enough to teach these people. One of them came to church too! 

Also this week Hermana Nelson and I have decided to make a "Health Change", not a diet because those don't work, but a healthy change;). We are training to do a 5K at the end of the transfer so we go out running every other morning and the other days we do workouts in our apartment. We have had so much more energy now that we are being healthy and it is awesome! The other missionaries think it is dumb but by the end of the transfer we will be able to run laps around them ;).

We got an update on our church house that caught on fire and we found out that it will be about 6 months until we are able to go back to our building! I will send a picture of some of the damage that we got from one of the members. The members are being really good about it and they all have gained a huge testimony on the fact that it doesn't matter where you have church, the most important thing is that the Spirit is there!

Also speaking of the members it was so great this week to have dinner with the Jovel Familia because they were my very first dinner in the mission field! It was awesome to see how much better my Spanish has gotten because they were so happy and surprised when I was talking to them in Spanish! I love that family so much!!!

Oh also some crazy news that happened in our Zone this weekend, one of the Elders was riding his bike and there was a random guy in the middle of the sidewalk that wouldn't move so then the Elder put on his breaks and this big dude punched him in the face and knocked him out... then the guy just ran away. So he went to the ER and got stitches! He had an hour long conversation with the guy who gave him the CT scan! Isn't that crazy!!! Don't worry, he is totally fine! It makes for a good story and maybe the Doctor will be his next baptism! Gotta love the mission! Don't worry mom I am totally safe here in the Hood;) Love you guys!!! 

-Hermana Hadley

Don't forget Pi day (3.14) and Saint Patrick’s Day this week!!!! 

Mom Note:  These next three pictures I took off of the internet (Thank you Dani Martin) and sent them to McKay. Hermana Hadley has instructed me to stay off of the news sites in her area :)

This happened at 2:15am and still under investigation 

The Kitchen, Hallway, Young Women's Room, and Relief Society Room was affected but thankfully the Two Chapels and Cultural Hall were not damaged. The building was constructed in 1953.

Mom Note: "We had some help that can't be explained" I think that Mr. Humphrey from the LAFD would like to have a visit from the missionaries to understand the "Help that can't be explained" ;)

The member's sent us this picture of our Church House :(

P-Day Zone Soccer USA vs MEXICO!

The Hermana's with the Elder's of the Spanish Ward in Reseda!

Parking here is Nuts!!! Yes, my parallel parking skills have gotten amazing :)

Welcome Spring?

I don't have words...

Another Mom Note: When McKay received her mission call a year ago I am not going to lie, but as I researched her area just outside of LA I became very nervous and expressed my concerns to her.
I told McKay that when I imagined my daughter on a mission the scene was her wearing a darling dress, walking with her companion along a white picket fence with the music "Called to Serve" playing in the back ground. :)
Yesterday Hermana Hadley said, "Mom, I am serving in the 
"Hood" with the "Gangstas" and Loving it!"
Then she sent this picture and said, "Is this the white picket fence that you envisioned?"