Monday, September 12, 2016


Hola!!! I was given a little time to email today before I leave the MTC in the middle of the night haha! So I thought I would share a quick email on how my last few days at the MTC have been. For the most part I have really felt myself progress!!!! There are times where I feel completely not ready to go out in the field yet but I don’t think you are ever ready. 

Thursday this week we did TRC where we taught volunteers. I taught with Hermana Woodyatt and it was so amazing!!! The first lady we taught was not a member of the church. Her husband has been a member his whole life but she grew up catholic. We talked about the importance of church attendance and it was amazing. Hermana Woodyatt and I had all the words we needed. The lady had explained to us that she had gone to church multiple times and we asked her how the church made her feel and she continued to cry as she bore her simple and sweet testimony to us. I was touched so much. It was amazing that she felt the spirit so strong!!!!

We finished the lesson and had to go teach someone else but Hermana Woodyatt and I are still kicking ourselves that we didn’t invite her to baptism!!!! AHHH Anyways I am sure I will have more opportunities to do that but it is still hard that we didn’t just do it right then and there. 

This week has been filled with orientations on what to do when you get to the field and trying to figure out how to fit all of my stuff in suitcases and all of them fitting under the weight limit!!! The struggle is real!

Yesterday we had an amazing live devotional from the Provo MTC that we were able to participate in. I love when we get the opportunity here to listen to one of God’s prophets. I have had the chance to listen 3 times to the prophets live now and it has been amazing every time!!!

Last night was Elder M. Russell Ballard he talked to us about how important this mission is and how we need to recognize the real reason we are here and not only recognize it but make sure it is in our hearts not just our head. He was so inspired to say the things he did because it really hit home for me. I have the biggest testimony of living prophets and I know that they are called and inspired by God. Elder M. Russell Ballard knew exactly what I, and a lot of other missionaries, needed to hear! And the closing song was “I'll go where you want me to go” and I totally lost it!!! I had kept it together the whole meeting and right when that happened it was like someone turned on the water faucet.

Anyways, to finish things up this whole experience at the CCM has been... well not what I expected. But it has been so incredible! I have seen the gift of tongues and I have witnessed the hand of God in everything I do. This place may make everyone really sick sometimes but, I have never felt the spirit so constantly. The spirit is always present here and I know that this place it where I have needed to be.

I am so grateful for the district I was blessed with and for the experiences I have had here. With that being said I have never been more excited to go back to the States, for two reasons, one I miss America haha, and second I am so excited to get to work!! I can’t wait to email next week about my new adventures to come!! Love you all and wish me luck with the crazy traveling in a few hours!!! 

Hermana Hadley

We got our going away stickers, we were very proud

The Hermana's in my Zone

Hermana Murdock from Kaysville!! 
We went to high school together.

My District with our teachers Hermana Macies and Hermano Ortiz


Funny District Picture

My Zone with my Branch Presidency in the middle