Monday, July 10, 2017

"La Cucaracha La Cucaracha"

Hello Hello Hello!!! I am happy to announce that today is my last day as a teenager...WHAT??? Where did the time go? Last I remember I was 7 years old watching “Cyber Chase” and eating peanut butter and honey sandwiches! Now tomorrow I am going to be 20!!! Hermana Starke also turned 20 this last week on the 5th so we have been having a lot of parties and a lot of cake!

Let me first start off by telling you about our first day in YSA! We had to move to our new apartment and we got all of our stuff in on the 4th of July. It was a very very hot day for us and we had a curfew of 7:00pm so we went back to our apartment and started to settle in. We watched a ton of really cool fireworks... and then we started drinking some MARTINELLI’s or sparking apple juice :).  Then Hermana Starke froze... here is a play by play:

Hna S: "Hermana, there is a huge bug on the wall... don't move"
Hna H: "It’s not that bad I will get it"

Bug starts flying around the room followed with a ton of screaming and us locking ourselves in our room and calling the Elders... 

For the next HOUR, we were running around with oven spray because that is all we had chasing this HUGE cockroach around our new apartment! We finally got it trapped under a cup and then it died the next day and we gave it to the Elders and named it Hector! Welcome home Hermanas...

We have had so much happen this week it has been hard to keep track of everything from saying goodbye to the Reseda Ward, having a huge birthday for Hna Starke, meeting all of our investigators and the awesome members of our Branch, already getting lost in the Valley many times while driving in LA traffic, 3 Investigators at church and giving Elder Yeck a hair cut... there is our week in a nut shell!

We have had some amazing lessons with some of our investigators this week and we have 3 people on date for baptism! This area is on FIRE!!! And I am so blessed to work here. They have made me feel very welcome and already mess and tease with me all the time:). They are a Branch full of best friends and I am so excited! Well I hope you guys all go and get a free Slurpee at 7 Eleven tomorrow and think of me!!!

Love ya!
-Hermana Hadley 

Mom Note: While emailing McKay today we noticed she is picking up an additional new language from the Spanish YSA's. This is what she wrote her brother Parker when discusssing the Spanish Language.

"Yo hommie I got some slick words that I have been pullin out for my peeps in YSA they all trippin."

This is what she wrote her mother while asking about communcation with the Spanish YSA's.

"Yo ma... its pretty tight. Our text with the YSA sounds like we trippin on some dope lingo cause that is how they talk with us."

Saying Goodbye to Rafael :(

Goodbye Reseda.

Moving out of our old apartment. Thank you Elders!

Hermana Starke and I watching Fireworks on the Fourth 
from the safety of our apartment and keeping our curfew :)

My hair is a quarter of a mile long. Haha.

R.I.P. Hector

Making Hermana Starke's favorite Birthday treat Dirt Pudding!
Happy Birthday Hermana Starke! <3

Our District :)

Right by our house.....nice.

Elder Yeck's haircut, just don't move. Haha

I became an artist the other day

Today's P-Day picture of emailing from the Library. Our computers are timed and then they kick us off hopefully after we have said goodbye to our families :)

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