Monday, July 3, 2017

"YMCA...I mean...YSA!!!"

What a week!!! There has been so many fun things happen this week but first I will give you the big news that we are having transfers tomorrow and it is going to be so crazy!!! We got our transfer news and they said you are both leaving but staying together... and we were like WHAT?! 

Our Zone really didn't change that much at all! But Hermana Starke and I are going to be the Spanish YSA Missionaries!!! We are so excited because we already know a lot of the members and they are so happy to have us now serving in their ward. We will be doing a lot of driving as the Spanish YSA covers 4 Zones which is the entire San Fernando Valley!!! The population of the San Fernando Valley is 1.8 million people and we have just moved to a sketchy part of the mission so it is going to be one big adventure I can tell you that much and we are so excited! 

Well this week we were able to go to the LA Temple and it was so amazing! Twice a year in June and December the CASF Mission is able to attend the temple. I am so blessed to have the opportunity to go and partake of the blessings of the temple as a missionary! It was great to see so much of our mission and I saw a lot of my friends that I have served with. We left very early in the morning so we didn't hit "as bad of” LA traffic so we were lucky that we had a little time to take pictures around the temple!

Saturday, I had a huge allergy attack! It was so so bad! My nose and eyes turned into Niagara Falls... it was not good. That day we helped out with a baptism for an 8-year-old boy in our ward! He is so cute and he invited all of his nonmember friends to the baptism! Hermana Starke and I did a musical number that was so awesome even through all my sniffling and red puffy eyes. After the Baptism, we had to go home and our District Leaders came and brought me some allergy meds.... so I am much better.

It was hard saying goodbye to the dear Reseda Ward but I will still see them around. I have loved serving in Reseda and meeting all of these amazing people that have a special place in my heart!! This morning the Elders helped us move all of our stuff out of our apartment and into our new one so it has already been a crazy day! But every day is a crazy day and I love it!!!

Have an amazing Fourth of July everyone!! Go light some fireworks off for me;)

-Love Hermana Hadley 

Saying goodbye to a very sweet family! <3

A random Persian member gave us salad while knocking doors :)

Hermana Hadley at the LA Temple

Elder Martin!!! 
Wardies in CASF Mission :)

Look what we found!

Hermana Starke and Hadley at the Escobars with their famous smoothies :)

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